Marvel Anime: Iron Man 480p,720p (English-Dub) 2010 (Toonanime)

Series Information:

Full Name: Marvel Anime: Iron Man

Language: English-Dub

Released Date: 2010

Quality: 480p,720p


Tony Stark decides to retire as Iron Man and travels to Japan to train a group of pilots to try out the Iron Man Dio Armor as his replacement, as well as supervising the new Arc Reactor that would give Japan free energy. Things begin to fall apart when the Dio Armor is stolen by the organization known as Zodiac. Tony is forced out of retirement to once again wear the Iron Man Armor to defend Japan from Zodiac. Along the way, he must also investigate AIM as well as facing off against his former friend Ho Yinsen. But when he learns that Dr. Chika Tanaka is a Zodiac agent, he discovers a conspiracy to use his technology to make Japan a major military power once again.

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Marvel Anime: Iron Man 480p,720p (English-Dub) 2010

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